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Beyond Digging Up Dirt

Beyond Digging Up Dirt  

Beyond Digging up Dirt

Responsibilities of a Dirt Work Contractor

When someone brings up the subject of excavation, for whatever reason, one cannot help but put the work in a box somehow and dismiss it as something menial—digging and not much else. However, what a dirt work contractor does is of utmost importance for other work, especially ones that are in the field of construction, that one can only deduce that there’s something more to it. And this is evident in the following responsibilities that they are faced with in every project.

Land Prep

Before any of the actual digging, a dirt work contractor has to work closely with land surveyors, permit services, and utility companies to allow for the work that they’ve set out to the site to handle. They’ll also need to clear the site free from visible obstructions, like, trees, roots, brush, logs, boulders, and even pre-existing structures. There’s a great deal of plowing the plot and smoothing out of the soil as well in the prep stage. All these are, of course, to make for easier excavations.


After prep, digging will commence. The contractor makes use of a large crane-like equipment aptly called an excavator to burrow into the earth. An excavation company is typically called for their services when someone needs foundations established or when someone needs a hole to be dug out for basements, pools, ponds, etc. Afterward, excavators will then go back in to support foundations with backfill soil.


A dirt work contractor is then to grade the soil, to smooth out the landscape, which is essential to support the establishment of the drainage system.

Additional Excavation Work

Apart from the usual excavation and site prep work that dirt work contractors often do, they can also be called in for asphalt paving jobs, demolition, hauling, or even snow plowing in the dead of winter.

All that said, it’s clear that the likes of Gilbert Excavating LLC from Haleyville, AI do a lot of important and heavy-duty work that no one else can do.

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